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Welcome to the DR MANJUSHA GANLA ACU—SLIM WELLNESS CENTER. The change is must in our daily Lifestyle as the’ technology in progress’ has taken us so far ahead where anything is possible with just a click of a button; learning, shopping , working and entertainment can all be accessed from the comfort of our own place

ACU- SLIM WELLNESS CENTER is born to get human being back to healthy mind and  healthy body with a guided modified healthy lifestyle.

-Dr. Manjusha Ganla

Acuslim is one of the most renowned Aesthetic & Wellness clinic located in Mumbai. We help you achieve your goals through Diet & Nutrition Management, Acupuncture, Psychological Counselling and Lifestyle Management. 

Lifestyle Management

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Happy Patients

Shrutika Uppin

Thank you Dr Manjusha for helping and guiding me continuously for my weight loss and fitness, after which I could undergo surgery, for which I had very comfortable experience with you. Because of you my recovery was great. I m very thankful to your great efforts and care.

Google Rating- 5/5

Neeraj Singh

I have taken Complete diet plan from Dr Manjusha Madam…It was very much effective ..I had reduce my weight from 91 kg to 70 kg that to in 3 month only ..I followed all the guidance of Acuslim wellness… Thanks a lot dr For your Support to reduce the weight.

Google Rating- 5/5

Kanchan Satpute

Thank you Dr. Manjusha for your proper guidance and stepwise treatment during my journey of pregnancy. Most encouraging was your positive words during each visit. Yoga and meditation helped to relieve stress and normalize things. Painless laparoscopic hysterescopy helped getting pregnant naturally. Also experience of delivery was good with minimal pain and early recovery. Overall treatment by Dr.Manjusha and Dr. Kedar Ganla was very good and thank you again for everything 😊.

Google Rating- 5/5

Vanita Bandgar

मि केदार सरांच्या क्लिनिक मध्ये IVF साठी आलि होती पण सरांनी आधि वजन कमी करण्यासाठी मंजु म्याडम ची Appointment दिली माझ वजन 73 होत म्याडम च्या Diet मुळे मझ वजन ६५ झाल. आणि माझी IVF ट्रिटमेंट चालू झाली त्या वेळी ट्रांसफर च्या आधि काही दिवस आणि ट्रांसफरच्या दिवशी मंजु म्याडम ने माझ Acupuncture केल त्या मुळे मला खुप रिलॅक्स वाटत आणि १५ दिवसानंतर माझी BHCG टेस्ट *Positive* आली. Thank you So much Dr Manjusha & Dr Kedar Ganla Sir 🙏

Google Rating- 5/5