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Guided with meditation sessions & Breathing exercises

It’s a precise techniques for resting the mind and attaining a state of the consciousness which is totally different from normal waking state. This is a science, where the process of meditation follows a particular pattern which has principles, with daily practice can produce a result that can be verified. In meditation, get the clearity of mind, get more relaxed and also
focused in life. Meditation is done when you are fully awake and follow some guided instructions to first allow to get your thoughts, and later to control them so that you know they don’t affect you anymore and can prevent their adverse effects on body.
Meditation cannot only calm your mind, but calm your skin too. It helps the patient reduce stress and get better sleep, which affects the skin condition greatly.
We have telomeres at the end of our chromosomes that get shorter and shorter with aging. Studies have shown that the increased telomeres activity and stem cell count in our blood may delay the aging process. They found that meditation might increase the telomere activity.
So practicing meditation along with other treatments do help to keep mind calm and prevents the aging process.